European AGIP Vintage Style Gas Fuel Sticker for ABARTH, Alfa Romeo, BMW, FIAT, Lambretta, Maserati, PORSCHE, Vespa, and Volkswagen

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1952-1960s AGIP Service Station promotional novelty sticker.

DIMENSIONS: 3.5 in (89.0 mm) X 1.5 in (38.0 mm)

In the post-years following WW2, and largely in part to an economic post-war boost, Europeans were eager to get on the open road, and there was no better place to vacation than in Italy. Once there, the Autobahn became the Autostrada. Many of the more famous gas stations, “distributore di benzina”, constructed modern and elaborate gas stations along the highway with self-serve restaurants and espresso bars, small convenient markets for traveling supplies, and washrooms. One of the most famous, ENI's AGIP, constructed state-of-the-art fueling stations that crossed directly over the span of the autostrada, luring in drivers traveling in both directions.

Novelty items, promoting the brand, were often given away free with purchases. From everything to keychain gadgets, small bars of handsoap, matchbooks, and decals.
From what I believe, these small adhesive stickers of AGIP’s famous 6-legged dog were probably one of those novelty items. Originally produced as a waterslide decal, like an old travel sticker, these decals might have been free at the checkout counter, and available in various automobile brands. I can only assume that these were placed on the automobile's window glass, similar to the old travel decals, or on the gas tank.

While attending one of Italy’s largest swap meet parts fairs in IMOLA, Italy, I purchased an envelope with different variations of these decals. Unfortunately, because of their age, the decals have deteriorated beyond use, so I have meticulously recreated them as high-quality, adhesive-backed vinyl stickers. Great care was given to recreating the exact colors and dimensions. Judging by the design, I would estimate that these were available between 1952 through the mid-1960s. A piece of automobilia, and perfect for your European Classic Car or Rally Car.