Mobile Oil Flying Pegasus X2 Left and Right Side

vdub hub

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VGO-4 Peg
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The Vdub Hub's flying pegasus was created from a true, original vintage decal from the mid 1950s. Every effort has been made to duplicate the color and accuracy of the artwork to its exact size and specifications.

This durable waterproof viny adhesive sticker, with its protective UV ink, will last up to 5 years before noticing any fading or discoloration. We know this because we've tested it's longevity by leaving it exposed directly to the outdoor elements. It's adhesive will not harden or leave a sticky residue with age, making it easy to remove when its time to be replaced.

This is the most accurtately recreated sticker available and perfect for the decerning Porsche, Volkswagen, classic car and motorcycle enthusiast.

Each pegasus sticker measures 5 3/8"(w) X 3 3/4"(h) / 136.5 (mm) X 95.25 (mm)

Application is easy and free of air bubbles if applied with soapy water. Please refer to the enclosed instructions.