DURASTRAP Porsche 356 Luggage Rack Leather Straps for LEITZ Rack


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Suitable for PORSCHE 356 and possibly other racks. Individually Hand Crafted in California, USA
If you're particular about your classic PORSCHES' every detail, you'll love our Durastraps. Don't let those hideous red nylon tie downs kill the look of your vehicle. No more dangling strap ends that flap around in the wind and potentially come untied and chafe your car's painted finish. Unlike typical leather, Durastrap leather loves to be outdoors. Our leather is specifically formulated to withstand all the abuse Mother Nature can throw at you.
• Safer and more secure. Because of our design, we've eliminated the traditional wrap around design and made our straps in such a way that they now attach through the eyelets on the edge of your rack. This eliminates leather stretch caused from unnecessary leather that is wasted under the rack. It also removes the potential for leather vibration which can cause damage to your car's painted finish.
• A Wider strap for more durability. Our straps are a full 1 1/2 inches wide, with a step down leather strap extension that allows you to pass them through your racks 1 inch eyelets.
• Available in 4 colors (natural tan, bison black, chestnut, and chocolate).
• 100% FULL GRAIN leather imported from Italy, and impregnated with compound of natural animal fats, oils, and water-repelling waxes.
• Stainless steel hardware and hand-pounded copper rivets resist corrosion and rust.
• Buckle buffer pads protect your luxury luggage, camping gear, and skis from buckle wear.
• Nylon accent stitching for added durability and visual appeal.
• Three adjusting points for each strap.
• Our UNIQUE design offers 12 inches more than any rack strap on the market.
• Overlapping design. The overlapping design ensures that your straps will lay flat and remain tightly secured on the rack while you drive.
Please allow 2-3 weeks from the placement of your order before we ship out. We will update you weekly with the status of your order. We won't leave you hanging.
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WARNING! Please read and agree to these terms before you purchase this product.

The attachment of this product is critical and beyond our control. We are NOT responsible for attachment, nor the installation. It neither guarantees nor will it be liable for any damages or injury resulting from the attachment or its improper use. The liability of this product is limited to its purchase price if this product proves to be defective in material and/or workmanship. This product is not designed for commercial use. Load securing capacity is not to exceed 100 pounds per each strap. Check the tightness of the straps every 20-30 miles of driving for tightness, just in case cargo and loads have shifted, causing the straps to loosen. To avoid injury, Children should not be allowed to use this product. Always inspect the leather straps for signs of wear before using. Because leather is a natural material, it is prone to degradation from usage over time and from elements such as the sun, UV rays, rain, and snow. If any part of the strap appears to be worn, torn or damaged, do not use. Periodic maintenance will prolong the life of the straps over time. We recommend using a good leather conditioner like saddle soap or Neetsfoot oil.

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