Flat Four German Eagle Crest Air Cool Culture Uniform Mechanic Jacket Iron On Patch

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Embroidered patch with an Iron-On heat-activated backing or sew it onto your favorite work shirt or jacket. Share your passion for your Air-Cooled PORSCHE or Volkswagen with this high-quality iron-on and sew-on patch. A great addition to your race jacket, Rally suit, or Pit Cap.

DIMENSIONS: 2 in X 2.25 in (50.8 mm X 57.15 mm)

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING AN IRON: • Put the patch on the surface of the garment with the embroidery face up. • Pre-heat your iron to the "Cotton" setting. DO NOT USE STEAM. • Cover the patch with a thin cloth to protect the embroidery. Press the iron firmly onto the patch and hold for 10-15 seconds. DON'T move the iron back and forth. • Wait for the patch to thoroughly cool. • If the fabric of the garment is thick, you may need to increase the ironing time. • Suitable for polyester/cotton fabrics. DO NOT apply to rayon, nylon, triacetate or waterproof fabrics.

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