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Limited Edition VDH Tartan Plaid Cap

Was: $30.00
Now: $24.95
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VDH Blue Tartan Plaid Curve Visor


Adjustable Strap: One Size Fits All



Materials: 100% Cotton

Colors Available: Red & Blue Plaid

Profile: Medium

Crown: 3"

Visor: Curved

Panels: 6 Panels

Details: Unisex. Medium buckram. Matching adjustable strap. Embroidered Patch



Our classic blue and ivory Tartan plaid cap, specifically for anyone with a passion for Air cooled and water cooled German cars. Porsche 356 A, Porsche 356 B and Porsche 356 B. Also Volkswagen Type 1 Käfer, Vocho, Fusca, VW Type 2 and Type 3 Micro Bus.

Our soft cotton material keeps your head warm on cold days and cool and hot days. Keep one in your car so you can always have it on hand for the right moment.