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Durastrap Rally Hood Strap for Beetles to 1970 - Midnight Black Bison Leather

Was: $90.00
Now: $74.98
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  • Available in Black Bison Buffalo leather.
  • Buckle Buffer Pads take the worry out of scratched paint
  • Stainless Steel hardware buckles.
  • Nylon stitching
  • 4-positioning belt holes allow you to choose where you want to position the buckles.
  • Attaches and is easily removed with Velcro or you can screw them into the sheet metal permanently
  • Will NOT fit Super Beetles.

Inspired by the early Porsche 356 Rally cars of the 1950’s and 1960’s, The Vdub Hub offers these beautifully handcrafted Durastrap leather hood hold-down straps. Designed exclusively by The Vdub Hub, each strap is individually made from genuine, Buffalo leather. No drilling is required, these straps attach under the front apron using 3M's most aggressive Aerospace spec Velcro for quick and easy removal. Looking for something different? Something that will make your VW Bug stand out in a crowd? Our Durastrap leather hood strap would look totally badass on your Custom, Hood Ride, Volksrod or Rally race car.­ We’ve seen other design attempts to replicate the look of the Porsche 356 hood straps on beetles, but those required you to drill holes into the hood's sheet metal. Not until now has anyone come up with an innovative design that looks like it was specifically made for the Volkswagen Type-1. Our straps are proudly made right here in California using nothing but the best top grade saddle leather, ensuring you get only the best quality from a product made in America.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for standard delivery